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Serving up a Special Dish with
DJ Connie Casserole
Posted October 11, 2008

If you’re looking for something new and different in SF, look no further than DJ Connie Casserole, who comes to us by way of Miami and New York City and will soon be spinning in Berlin .

That path might explain the fierce fusion that is Connie Casserole, who looks like what you might get if you put Divine, Leigh Bowery, and ChiChi LaRue in a blender. Perfectly natural for a hairstylist and salon owner turned drag queen turned DJ and producer.

Given all his world travels, including gigs in Israel, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, and Brazil, not to mention New York, Chicago, Houston, and Boston, it’s hard to imagine that this will be Connie’s first time in San Francisco, where he’s sure to fit right in and be heartily received.

Let’s make a big gay impression before he goes overseas and welcome him to Babylon by the Bay, first at DJ Andre Shannon’s Pornstar party at Cat Club on October 18, where he’ll be mingling rather than mixing, and then at DJ Hawthorne’s Twisted at Suite One8One on October 19, where he’ll be DJing in the main room along with DJs Chris Cox and Kio Kio.

Connie has described his current style as “Drums. Lots of fucking drums,” and spins up a special recipe of house, eccentric, and tribal grooves. His intention, he says, is to take people on a spiritual journey.

The release of his first CD in 2001, Twist, broadened Connie’s musical horizons, thought it is named for the Miami club were his DJ career began. A year later he released Jungle Jezebel, his second CD from Harlequin Recordings, which established him as a presence in the recording studio. He now produces for various artists, and has just released two remixes, Chazant (Loopfreaks Records), and Stop Hating (SinSation Sound).

But why should I tell you about Connie Casserole? Let’s go check him out for our own selves next weekend and meet him in the flesh. Get your photo taken with him at Pornstar and send him overseas with some San Francisco memories as unique as he is.